Why Advice

Running Out Of Steam

April 25, 2020

Comedian Chris D’Elia was recently on Joe Rogan’s podcast. The pair discussed the longevity and resultant quality of TV shows. D’Elia made the point that a series can’t have more than six good seasons. (language warning). There will be outliers. The exception to the rule, but most television that relies on an ever evolving story […]

Communicating in a Crisis

April 19, 2020

Over at Dimensional’s blog, they recently included a post on how financial advisory firms are communicating with clients during COVID-19. The responses are varied. “We can’t communicate with clients enough” from Jeff Buckner at Plancorp, to “many of our clients don’t worry until they hear from us” from Mike Davis at Resource Consulting Group. Along […]

The Lens

April 15, 2020

There’s no need to run a poll. Trust in the medical profession is at an all time high. Doctors and nurses are treating the sick. Dealing with things up close we can’t imagine. They’re risking their lives doing so. Our local hospital has been the epicenter of an outbreak.  In contrast, your average financial adviser […]

The Chiefs

April 12, 2020

Thought leaders gravitate towards crisis. Many of us out here want to listen. Many up there on stage want to be heard. The big dudes are making regular appearances right now. Heads on the TV. Columns in the newspaper. Extra interviews. The best quotes are hopefully being minted. No one wants a spooked populace. Someone […]

Now Youse Can’t Leave

April 8, 2020

Right now is an ugly time. People are out of jobs. Whole societies are cooped up in houses. Minds are wandering. Where does this end? For some, the descent into conspiracy is proving easy. The behaviour of some leaders, government agencies and international organisations hasn’t helped. No wonder people are confused. In fraught times liquidity […]

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